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Yulia Zinova

Yulia Zinova, MA (Ms)

Phone +49 211 81-11809
Fax +49 211 81-03170 (central fax, please include name of addressee)
Email zinova@phil.uni-duesseldorf.de, julia.zinova@gmail.com


Linguistics (computational linguistics)

SToRE Membership

SToRE member since 21 Aug 2012

1. advisor: Prof. Dr. Laura Kallmeyer
2. advisor: Prof. Dr. Hana Filip
3. advisor: Timm Lichte

PhD Project

A frame-based morphology-semantics interface in LTAG: A case study in Russian prefixation

In my dissertation I aim to provide syntax-semantics interface for dealing with some of important phenomena in English and Russian using Frame Semantics and LTAG. I am mostly interested in analyzing verbal semantics, including alternations and telicity-dependent behavior. I am also working on Russian verb morphology, planning to extend syntax-semantics interface to morphology-semantics interface in the part, where morphology is regular. In this area I am searching for the correct frame semantics of Russian verbal affixes, studying possible and impossible combinations of them and meanings of resulting verbs.


Yulia Zinova and Laura Kallmeyer. A Frame-Based Semantics of Locative Alternation in LTAG. In Proceedings of the 11th International Workshop on TAG and Related Formalisms, 2012.

Locative Alternation in English and Russian: A Frame Semantic Analysis. To appear in: The Volume of Selected Papers of ESSLLI Student Sessions of 2012 and 2013.

Conference presentations

Predicting the Grammatical Aspect Category in Russian, TBiLLC, Gudauri, Georgia, September 2013

The role of derivation history in aspect determination, FDSL 10, Leipzig, Germany, December 2013

A frame-semantics analysis of Russian verbs of motion, 15 Szklarska Poreba Workshop, Szklarska Poreba, Poland, February 2014

Prefixation without perfectivization: A Russian Case Study, Workshop on Slavic Linguistics at Bar Ilan University, Bar-Ilan, Israel, March 2014

Scalar Implicatures of Russian verbs, FASL 24, Berkley, USA, May 2014

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