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DFG Collaborative Research Centre 991: Graduate Training Program
Prof. Dr. Alexander Ziem
Academic Director
Dr. Eva Gentes
Program Director

SToRE is the four-year graduate training program of the Collaborative Research Centre SFB 991 ‘The Structure of Representations in Language, Cognition, and Science’ directed by Prof. Dr. Alexander Ziem (academic director) and Dr. Eva Gentes (program director)

The following departments contribute to the SFB and to SToRE: General linguistics and computational linguistics, philosophy, German language and linguistics, English language and linguistics, Experimental Psychology and clinical neurosciences and medical psychology. Our current members are studying towards a PhD in linguistics, English language and linguistics, and philosophy.

SToRE offers its members a new, intensified model of doctoral supervision: For each student, an advisory team of two primary investigators of the SFB (professors) and one postdoc is being established. The team meets with the student on a regular basis to discuss their research projects and to help them advance in their careers. Goals, research plans, and timelines are being monitored and, where necessary, revised.

Our tailored qualification program provides the students with the skills and knowledge necessary for their PhD theses and beyond. Courses and workshops on transferable skills prepare them for academic as well as professional careers.

We offer about ten non-stipendiary fellowships as well as a limited number of stipendiary fellowships for international visiting fellows.