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D01: Frame representation of prototype concepts and prototype-based reasoning



Talks & Posters

Funding period : 01.07.2015 – 30.06.2019

The aim of project D01 is to account for prototype concepts and reasoning in terms of prototype frames. Prototype frames are frames which include information about the typicality and/or probability of the values of attributes and information about the diagnosticity of attributes for the respective concept. The project pursues the following three aims: (1) Modeling prototype concepts by means of prototype frames. (2) Investigating the compositionality of prototype frames and ways to handle failures of compositionality. (3) Investigating the rules of reasoning with prototypical properties and prototype frames.

Head of the project

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schurz
Institut für Philosophie
Universitätsstr. 1
40225 Düsseldorf
Phone: +49 211 81-129 14
Email: schurz@phil.uni-duesseldorf.de


Dr. Corina Strößner
Phone: +49 211 81-11602
Email: stroessner@phil.hhu.de

Paul D. Thorn, PhD
Phone: +49 211 81-11604
E-Mail: thorn@phil.hhu.de

Annika Schuster
Phone: +49 211 81-11605
E-Mail: annika.schuster@phil.hhu.de


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22/11 C. Strößner, G. Schurz: The role of reasoning and pragmatics in the modi fier eff ect, Philosophy meets cognitive science, Bochum 2

15/11 C. Strößner: The Rationality of Predicate Change, MCMP Colloquium, München

18/09 C. Strößner: Comment on Jan-Willem Romeijn: Epistemic Diversity and Editor Decisions, GAP.10, Köln

17/09 C. Strößner: The Rationality of Predicate Change, GAP.10, Köln

13/09 A. Schuster, C. Strößner, P. Sutton: Stochastic frames: motivations, applications, and challenges, Cognitive Structures 2018, Düsseldorf

13/09 C. Strößner, G. Schurz: Is the modifi er e ffect explained by rational reasoning?, Cognitive Structures 2018, Düsseldorf

12/04 A. Schuster, C. Strößner, P. Sutton, H. Zeevat: Stochastic frames, CRC991 Research Colloquium, Düsseldorf

23/02 A. Schuster, L. Berio: Meaning coordination with mentalised frames, Roots of Pragmasemantics Workshop, Szklarska Poręba

21/02 A. Schuster, C. Strößner, P. Sutton, H. Zeevat: Stochastic frames, Uncertainty in Meaning and Representation in Linguistics and Philosophy Workshop, Jelenia Góra

20/02 P. Thorn: Inheritance Inference from an Ecological Perspective, Annual Meeting for New Frameworks of Rationality Research Program, Etelson

31/01 K. Baraghith, C. Feldbacher-Escamilla, C. Strößner: Cultural Evolution or Social Darwinism? Prospects and Problems of a Generalized Evolutionary Theory. Presentation and round table moderation, The Generalized Theory of Evolution, Düsseldorf


24/10 A. Schuster, L. Berio: Mentalised Prototypes, Colloquium of the DCLPS Düsseldorf

21/09 A. Schuster, L. Berio: Mentalised prototype frames, PLM4 – Fourth Philosophy of Language and Mind Conference, Bochum

21/09 C. Strößner, G. Schurz: Modification and Constraints, PLM4 – Fourth Philosophy of Language and Mind Conference, Bochum

13/09 A. Schuster, C. Strößner: Prototype frames, Probabilistic Approaches to (Prototype) Concepts Workshop, SOPhiA 2017, Salzburg,

22/08 C. Strößner: The Rationality of Predicate Change, Ninth European Congress of Analytic Philosophy (ECAP 9), Munich

14/08 A. Schuster: Regaining Meaning Stability via Evolutionary Prototype Frames, European Society for Philosophy and Psychology 2017, Hertfordshire

14/08 C. Strößner: Frames, Constraints and Modification, 25th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology, Hertfordshire

11/05 C. Strößner: Logik und Kognition, Frege Zentrum, Wismar

02/05 C. Strößner: Frames and Conceptual Spaces, Colloquium of the DCLPS Düsseldorf

03/03 A. Schuster, L. Berio: Mentalised Prototypes, Roots of Pragmasemantics Workshop, Szklarska Poręba

31/01 A. Schuster: Ways to approach diagnosticity, Colloquium of the DCLPS Düsseldorf

17/01 P. Thorn: The Simultaneous Aggregation of Beliefs and Degrees of Belief. Philosophy Department, University of Bayreuth.


03/12 C. Strößner: What can we infer from typicality? Celebratory Colloquium in Honor of Gerhard Schurz, Düsseldorf

02/12 P. Thorn: The Simultaneous Aggregation of Beliefs and Degrees of Belief. Celebratory Colloquium in Honor of Gerhard Schurz, Düsseldorf

17/09 C. Strößner, A. Schuster, G. Schurz: Modification and Default Inheritance, Cognitive Structures Düsseldorf

09/09 A. Schuster: Explaining Fuzzy Concepts with Prototype Frames, SOPhiA 2016, Salzburg

11/08 P. Thorn: Attractivity Weighting. Take-the-Best’s Foolproof Sibling. Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, Philadelphia.

24/08 C. Strößner: Constraints: Theory and Experiments, Workshop on Reasoning in Conceptual Spaces, Stockholm

28/06 C. Strößner: Default Inheritance, Workshop on reasoning in conceptual spaces, Amsterdam

24/05 A. Schuster, C. Strößner: Prototypeframes, Theory and Experiment, Colloquium of the DCLPS Düsseldorf

23/05 C. Strößner: Probabilities in Prototype Frames, Workshop on probabilities in frames, Düsseldorf

11/03 P. Thorn: The Stimulus-Perception Connection. Conference of the German Society for Philosophy of Science (GWP), Düsseldorf.

07/01 C. Strößner: Hässliche Einhörner und Planet Pluto, Kaminabend of the ZLWWG, Rostock