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WS 2019/20

SS 2020

CRC Colloquium WS 2019/20
Day Speaker Title Time Place Chair
24.10.2019 Annika Schuster
Property probabilities’ contribution to typicality 12:30-14:00 Natalja Beckmann
21.11.2019 Rafael Ehren /
Esther Seyffarth
Building an annotated corpus of non-compositional multiword expressions and their literal counterparts – Part III /
Corpus-Driven Instrument Alternation Identification: A hammer can break a window, but a spoon can’t eat ice cream
12:30-14:00 Patrick Nuhn
28.11.2019 Patrick Nuhn /
Henok Wondimu Tadesse
Update: Reference Tracking in Tagalog /
Predicate-centered focus in Amharic
12:30-14:00 Rafael Ehren
12.12.2019 Svetlana
Mnogogreshnova /
Mengjie Zhang
Category-Specific Time Course of Attribute Activation /
The semantics of Chinese progressive operator zai
12:30-14:00 Benjamin Burkhardt
9.1.2020 Tanja Bladier (SToRE) Exploring Deep Syntax for Automatic Frame Annotation 12:30-14:00 Esther Seyffarth
23.1.2020 Natalja Beckmann
Exploring Lexical Countability 12:30-14:00 Tanja Bladier
30.1.2020 Shungo Fujii /
Yaoli Du (SToRE)
On the subjectivity of the verb finden “find”/
Representing procedural knowledge using the Resource Description Framework
12:30-14:00 Svetlana Mnogogreshnova
06.02.2020 Benjamin Burkhardt /
Dila Turus /
Niklas Wiskandt
English Secondary Predicates: Ideas Towards an LTAG Analysis of Resultatives /
Semantic composition of Light Verb Constructions /
Testing semantic features of object experiencer verbs and their impact on anticausative constructions
12:30-14:45 Patrick Nuhn

CRC Colloquium SS 2020
Day Speaker Title Time Place Chair Abstract

Funding period 2: 01.07.2015 - 30.06.2019

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CRC Colloquium SS 2019
Day Speaker Title Time Place Chair Abstract
4.4.2019 CRC day with project overviews (no colloquium) 9:00-15:50 Vortragssaal der Universitätsbibliothek Thomas Gamerschlag
11.4.2019 Martha Lewis (University of Amsterdam) Interacting conceptual spaces 12:30-14:00 Corina Strößner abstract
18.4.2019 Łukasz Dębowski (Polish Academy of Sciences) Natural Language Is Not A Finite-State Process: Evidence from Three Statistical Power Laws

12:30-14:00 Jakub Kozakoszczak abstract

presentation slides

9.5.2019 Martin Schäfer (HHU/CRC 991) Adjective-adverb pairs: usage vs. categories

12:30-14:00 Ingo Plag abstract
16.5.2019 Gabriella Vigliocco (UCL London) CANCELLED The role of emotion

12:30-14:00 Leda Berio abstract
23.5.2019 Workshop “Modification of complex predicates” (no colloquium)
6.6.2019 Dejan Matic (University of Münster)


Communication and information structure 12:30-14:00 Anja Latrouite
13.6.2019 Viola Schmitt (University of Vienna) Two cross-linguistic asymmetries in conjunction: A plural projection account 12:30-14:00 Peter Sutton abstract
27.6.2019 Arndt Riester (University of Stuttgart) QUD trees and their applications 12:30-14:00 25.11.HS 5C ! Anja Latrouite abstract
11.7.2019 Kurt Malcher (Universität zu Köln) Voice choice in Totoli 12:30-14:00 25.11.HS 5C ! Anja Latrouite abstract

CRC Colloquium WS 2018/19
Day Speaker Title Time Place Chair Abstract
11.10.2018 General Assembly 18:15 24.21.U1.21 Thomas Gamerschlag
18.10.2018 Marios Andreou, Lea Kawaletz & Ingo Plag (HHU/CRC991) The semantics of derivational morphology: A frame-based approach 12:30-14:00 Thomas Gamerschlag abstract
8.11.2018 Paul Thorn (HHU/CRC991) Inheritance Reasoning from an Ecological Perspective 12:30-14:00 Corina Strössner abstract
22.11.2018 Ivan Rygaev. (A. A. Kharkevich Institute for Information Transmission Problems, RAS, Moscow) Semantic decomposition in commonsense reasoning 12:30-14:00 Yulia Zinova abstract
29.11.2018 Corina Strössner (HHU/CRC991) Rational predicate change 12:30-14:00 Thomas Gamerschlag abstract
6.12.2018 Josef Perner

(CCNS Salzburg)

Identity: Linking Mental Files in the Brain

12:30-14:00 Leda Berio abstract
13.12.2018 Curt Anderson, Katja Gabrovska & Willi Geuder (HHU/CRC 991) What is manner modification? 12:30-14:00 Thomas Gamerschlag abstract
20.12.2018 Rolf Kailuweit (HHU/CRC991) Activity Hierarchy and Argument Realization in (R)RRG – Transitive vs. intransitive verbs of motion

12:30-14:00 Rainer Osswald abstract
10.1.2019 Kriszta Szendrői (University College London) A flexible theory of the syntax-prosody mapping of intonational phrases and its links to topic and focus marking 12:30-14:00 Katalin Balogh abstract
17.1.2019 Viola Schmitt
(Universität Wien)
Parts of propositions

talk cancelled

12:30-14:00 Peter Sutton abstract
24.1.2019 Chris Piñón
(Université de Lille)
Around “intentionally” 12:30-14:00 Sebastian Löbner abstract
31.1.2019 Onur Güntürkün
(Universität Bochum)
The Neuroscience of Perceptual Categorization in Pigeons: A Mechanistic Hypothesis 12:30-14:00 Tobias Kalenscher abstract

CRC Colloquium SS 2018
Day Speaker Title Time Place Chair Abstract
12.4.2018 Annika Schuster, Corina Stroessner, Peter Sutton & Henk Zeevat (HHU/CRC 991) Stochastic Frames 12:30-14:00 Thomas Gamerschlag abstract
19.4.2018 Greville G. Corbett (University of Surrey) Binoculars and bicycles: a typology of non-canonical nouns 12:30-14:00 Ingo Plag abstract
26.4.2018 Jakub Kozakoszczak (Uniwersytet Warszawski) Negative evidence from text corpora in semantics 12:30-14:00 Henk Zeevat

3.5.2018 Klaus von Heusinger (Universität zu Köln) Discourse prominence and the conceptual and referential properties of definite and indefinite noun phrases 12:30-14:00 Laura Kallmeyer abstract
17.5.2018 Curt Anderson (HHU/CRC 991) Roles and the compositional semantics of role-denoting relational adjectives 12:30-14:00 Thomas Gamerschlag

7.6.2018 Edouard Machery (University of Pittsburgh) The Amodal Brain 12:30-14:00 Gottfried Vosgerau abstract
14.6.2018 Falk Huettig (Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics) Visual world eye-tracking for language research 12:30-14:00 Natalja Beckmann abstract
28.6.2018 Katja Biermann-Ruben

(HHU/CRC 991)

Behavioural and brain data about action verb processing 12:30-14:00 Thomas Gamerschlag abstract
5.7.2018 Kevin Tang (Zhejiang University) Revealing the representation of phonemes through the lens of the probabilistic reduction effect: Psycholinguistics with ‘small data’ 12:30-14:00 Ruben van de Vijver abstract
12.7.2018 Friederike Moltmann


Truthmaker semantics and the case for ‘case’ 12:30-14:00 Gottfried Vosgerau abstract

CRC Colloquium WS 2017/2018
Day Speaker Title Time Place Chair Abstract
12.10.2017 Sebastian Löbner (HHU/CRC991) Cascades, Part 2 12:30-14:00 Thomas Gamerschlag abstract
19.10.2017 General Assembly 18:00 Heinrich-Heine-Saal Thomas Gamerschlag
9.11.2017 Tamara Dobler

(University of Amsterdam)

An inquisitive approach to occasion-sensitivity 12:30-14:00 Leda Berio abstract
23.11.2017 Ruben van de Vijver, Agnes Benko & Vassiliki Tsouni (HHU/CRC991) Paradigms of whole word forms in the mental lexicon 12:30-14:00 Thomas Gamerschlag abstract
30.11.2017 Laura Kallmeyer & Rainer Osswald (HHU/CRC991) Towards a formalization of Role and Reference Grammar 12:30-14:00 Thomas Gamerschlag abstract
7.12.2017 Laure Vieu (IRIT/Université de Toulouse) The ontology of inherent polysemy and dot objects 12:30-14:00 Sebastian Löbner abstract
14.12.2017 Peter Indefrey & Natalia Bekemeier (HHU/CRC991) Neural correlates of compositional conceptual processing 12:30-14:00 Natalja Beckmann abstract
21.12.2017 Bjoern Jespersen

(University of Barcelona)

Iterated privation, positive predication, and technical malfunction 12:30-14:00 Sebastian Löbner abstract
11.01.2018 Ralf Naumann & Wiebke Petersen (HHU/CRC991) Underspecified changes: a dynamic, probabilistic frame theory for verbs 12:30-14:00 Thomas Gamerschlag abstract
25.01.2018 Kata Balogh (HHU/CRC991) Additive particles in Hungarian and focus sensitivity 12:30-14:00 Patrick Nuhn abstract

CRC Colloquium SS 2017
Day Speaker Title Time Place Chair Abstract
27.04.2017 Michael Spagnol (University of Malta) When morphologies come in pairs: verbs and collective nouns in Maltese 12:30-14:00 Ruben van de Vijver abstract
04.05.2017 L. BerioA. Latrouite, R. Van Valin & G. Vosgerau (HHU/CRC991) Immediate and General Common Ground 12:30-14:00 Samuel Taylor abstract
11.05.2017 Friedemann Pulvermüller (FU )Berlin) Concrete Mechanisms For Abstract Meaning 12:30-14:00 Sebastian Löbner abstract
18.05.2017 George Tsoulos (York University Plurals, Mass terms and the Plural of Mass terms 12:30-14:00 Hana Filip abstract
01.06.2017 Sonja Kotz (Maastricht University) Timing and Prediction in Audition: From Sound to Speech 12:30-14:00 Natalia Bekemeier abstract
08.06.2017 Stergios Chatzikyriakidis (University of Gothenburg) Natural Language Inference: Is type theory relevant? 12:30-14:00 Hana Filip abstract
22.06.2017 Sebastian Löbner (HHU/CRC991) Cascades. Part 1: Acts, levels, and verb concepts 12:30-14:00 abstract
29.06.2017 Sebastian Löbner (HHU/CRC991) Cascades. Part 2 12:30-14:00
06.07.2017 Yury Shtyrov (Aarhus University) Motor cortex in word comprehension: neurophysiological evidence 14:30-16:00 Natalia Bekemeier abstract
13.07.2017 Friederike Moltmann (CNRS-IHPST/NYU) Natural Language Metaphysic 12:30-14:00 Sebastian Löbner abstract
20.07.2017 Anna Czypionka (Universität Konstanz) Please wait until the very end. Split particle verbs in German sentence comprehension 12:30-14:00 Natalia Bekemeier abstract
27.07.2017 Shalom Lappin (University of Gothenburg) Learning Syntax with Deep Neural Networks 12:30-14:00 Peter Sutton abstract

CRC Colloquium WS 2016/2017
Day Speaker Title Time Place Chair Abstract
27.10.2016 Sebastian Löbner (HHU/CRC991) Surfing the frame net – Metonymy and similar phenomena as evidence for Barsalou’s frame approach to concepts 12:30-14:00 26.32.U1.21 Thomas Gamerschlag abstract
17.11.2016 Frances Egan (Rutgers University) A deflationary account of mental representation 12:30-14:00 26.32.U1.21 Gottfried Vosgerau abstract
24.11.2016 Corina Strößner (HHU/CRC 991) Complement oder Contradiction. On the Relation of Conceptual Spaces and Barsalou Frames 12:30-14:00 26.32.U1.21 Annika Schuster abstract
01.12.2016 Nikolaus Himmelmann (Universität zu Köln) Phrase structure and prosodic phrasing 12:30-14:00 26.32.U1.21 Robert D. Van Valin abstract
08.12.2016 Carla Umbach & Helmar Gust (Universität zu Köln/ZAS & Universität Osnabrück) Scalar equatives in a similarity account 12:30-14:00 26.32.U1.21 Wiebke Petersen abstract
15.12.2016 Ruth Kempson (King’s College London) Language: the tool for interaction – surfing uncertainty together 12:30-14:00 26.32.U1.21 Peter Sutton abstract
22.12.2016 Timm Lichte (HHU/CRC 991) The syntax-semantics interface of idiomatic multi-word expressions 12:30-14:00 26.32.U1.21 Benjamin Burkhardt abstract
12.01.2017 Curt Anderson (HHU/CRC 991) The semantics and pragmatics of some-exclamatives 12:30-14:00 26.32.U1.21 Katja Gabrovska abstract
19.01.2017 Richard Moore (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) Why Did Humans but Not Apes Acquire Language? 12:30-14:00 26.32.U1.21 Leda Berio abstract
26.01.2017 Frauke Albersmeier & David Hommen (HHU/CRC 991) Concepts as frames: analytical and ontological issues 12:30-14:00 26.32.U1.21 Christoph Kann abstract
02.02.2017 Sebastian Pado (Universität Stuttgart) Computational Explorations in Morphological Derivation 12:30-14:00 26.32.U1.21 Lea Kawaletz abstract
09.02.2017 Katya Pertsova (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) Explicit vs. implicit learning of phonology and morphology 12:30-14:00 26.32.U1.21 Ruben van de Vijver


CRC Colloquium SS 2016
Day Speaker Subject Time Place Chair Abstract
14.04.2016 Michael Daniel (HSE, Moscow) Split Recipients in East Caucasian 12:30-14:00 23.21/U1/44 Hana Filip abstract
28.04.2016 Daniel Lassiter (HSE, Moscow) The language of higher-order uncertainty 12:30-14:00 23.21/U1/44 Peter Sutton abstract
19.05.2016 Chiara Melloni (Università di Verona) Ways of delimiting events in morphology and syntax: reduplication in Mandarin and cognate object / light verb constructions in Italian 12:30-14:00 23.21/U1/44 Lea Kawaletz abstract
02.06.2016 Barbara Kaup (Universität Tübingen) The role of sensorimotor processes in language comprehension 12:30-14:00 23.21/U1/44 Anne Klepp abstract
09.06.2016 Suzi Lima (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) The role of count lists in the acquisition of numerals 12:30-14:00 23.21/U1/44 Hana Filip abstract
16.06.2016 Robert Rupert (University of Colorado Boulder) The primacy of subpersonal content 12:30-14:00 23.21/U1/44 Gottfried Vosgerau abstract
23.06.2016 Ekaterina Rakhilina (HSE, Moscow) Typology of OLDNESS 12:30-14:00 23.21/U1/44 Hana Filip abstract
30.06.2016 Andrew Nevins (UCL) Where is Nasality Anchored in Maxakalí Loanwords? 12:30-14:00 23.21/U1/44 Ruben van de Vijver abstract
07.07.2016 Harm Brouwer (Universität des Saarlandes) The Electrophysiology of Language Comprehension: A Neurocomputational Model 12:30-14:00 23.21/U1/44 Henk Zeevat abstract
14.07.2016 Wilhelm Geuder (HHU) Adverbial classes and adjective classes 12:30-14:00 23.21/U1/44 Katja Gabrovska abstract
21.07.2016 K. Balogh, A. Latrouite & P. Nuhn (HHU) Approaching morphosyntax from the semantics-pragmatics interface: a closer look at a discourse- and a non-configurational language 12:30-14:00 23.21/U1/44 Patrick Nuhn abstract

CRC Colloquium WS 2015/2016
Day Speaker Title Time Place Chair Abstract
22.10.2015 General Assembly 18:15 Heinrich-Heine-Saal
29.10.2015 Laura Kallmeyer (HHU) Frames – Structures, Types, and Constraints 12:30-14:00 23.21/U1/69 Thomas Gamerschlag abstract
05.11.2015 Marios Andreou, Lea Kawaletz, Ingo Plag (HHU) Modeling the interaction of affix semantics and base semantics: metonymy and more 12:30-14:00 23.21/U1/69 Ingo Plag abstract
12.11.2015 Heinz Giegerich (University of Edinburgh Compounds in No-Man’s Land, Or: what the modularization of grammar and roof tiles have in common 12:30-14:00 23.21/U1/69 Ingo Plag abstract
19.11.2015 Fred Landman (Tel Aviv University and University of Tübingen) Iceberg semantics for count nouns and mass nouns: the evidence from portions 12:30-14:00 28.01, Hörsaal Sport Hana Filip abstract
26.11.2015 Stavros Skopeteas (University of Bielefeld) Information structure in V-initial languages 12:30-14:00 23.21/U1/69 Anja Latrouite abstract
03.12.2015 Ranko Matasović ( University of Zagreb and University of Heidelberg ) Areal Typology of Agreement Systems 12:30-14:00 23.21/U1/69 Robert Van Valin abstract
10.12.2015 Henk Zeevat (HHU and ILLC Amsterdam) Quantifiers and Typology 12:30-14:00 23.21/U1/69 Sebastian Löbner abstract
17.12.2015 Jan Nuyts (University of Antwerp) Deconstructing evidentiality 12:30-14:00 23.21/U1/69 Koen Van Hooste abstract
07.01.2016 Wilhelm Geuder & Ekaterina Gabrovska (HHU) Verbs and their modifiers: a pilot study on ‘schlagen’ 12:30-14:00 23.21/U1/69 Wiebke Petersen abstract
14.01.2016 James Hampton (City University of London) Concepts, prototypes and reasoning 12:30-14:00 23.21/U1/69 Gottfried Vosgerau abstract
21.01.2016 Susan Rothstein (Bar-Ilan University and University of Tübingen) Some contrasts between aspectual operators in English and Slavic 12:30-14:00 26.41 HS 6H Hana Filip abstract
28.01.2016 Fabienne Martin (University of Stuttgart) Agentivity and non-culminating construals 12:30-14:00 23.21/U1/69 Karoly Varasdi abstract
04.02.2016 Sebastian Bücking (Universität Tübingen) Subordinate clauses as manner adverbials? – Composing hypothetical comparison clauses in German 12:30-14:00 23.21/U1/69 Wilhelm Geuder abstract
11.02.2016 Tobias Kalenscher (HHU) Conceptual representation of the social world of rats 12:30-14:00 23.21/U1/69 abstract

Funding period 1: 01.07.2011 - 30.06.2015

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CRC Colloquium SS 2015
Day Speaker Title Time Place Chair Abstract
09.04.2015 Giuliano Torrengo The structure of objective and experienced time 12:30 -14:00 22.21/HS 2E Gottfried Vosgerau abstract
16.04.2015 Markus van Ackeren Cortical dynamics during language understanding: From multimodal concepts to speech acts 12:30 -14:00 22.21/HS 2E Valentina Niccolai abstract
17.04.2015 Annemarie Verkerk Phylogenetic approaches to language history and diversity 12:30 -14:00 22.21/HS 2E
23.04.2015 Gerhard Schurz & Gottfried Vosgerau Everything… about Frames 12:30 -14:00 22.21/HS 2E Corinna Kaiser
07.05.2015 Geert Booij Construction morphology and the parallel architecture of grammar 12:30 -14:00 22.21/HS 2E Ruben van de Vijver
28.05.2015 General Assembly 10:30 -12.00 22.21/HS 2E
18.06.2015 Mitchell Green Biological Signaling Sheds Light on Both the Ontogeny and Phylogeny of Language 12:30 -14:00 22.21/HS 2E Susanna Melkonian abstract
16.07.2015 Joost Zwarts and Anja Goldschmidt Hitting the nail on the head: Forces in verb meanings 12:30 -14:00 22.21/HS 2E Wiebke Petersen abstract

CRC Colloquium WS 2014 – 2015
Day Speaker Title Time Place Chair Abstract
09.10.2014 Markus Kiefer Die Verankerung von Begriffen in Wahrnehmung und Handlung 12:30-14:00 22.01/HS 2C Katja Biermann-Ruben abstract
16.10.2104 Sam Cumming The Attentional Foundations of Coherence 12:30-14:00 22.01/HS 2C Daniel Altshuler
06.11.2014 Johan van der Auwera Mood (mode) and modality: a pair (triplet) apart 12:30-14:00 22.01/HS 2C Koen Van Hooste abstract
13.11.2014 Karoly Varasdi Progressives as depictions 12:30-14:00 22.01/HS 2C Sebastian Löbner abstract
20.11.2014 Heather Burnett Vagueness and Scale Structure in Delineation Semantics 12:30-14:00 22.01/HS 2C Hana Filip abstract
27.11.2014 Sebastian Löbner & Ralf Naumann New developments in frame theory [Handout] 12:30-14:00 22.01/HS 2C abstract
04.12.2014 Natasha Warner

Native and Non-native Listeners’ Use of Information in Parsing Ambiguous Casual Speech: ‘He was like’ or ‘He’s like’?

12:30-14:00 23.21/HS 3H Hana Filip abstract
11.12.2014 Sebastian Löbner & Ralf Naumann New developments in frame theory (continued) 12:30-14:00 23.21/HS 3H
18.12.2014 Ernie Lepore Discourse Coherence and Attention: A theory of pronouns 12:30-14:00 23.21/HS 3H Daniel Altshuler abstract
08.01.2015 Hans-Martin Gärtner Toward Organizing the Hunt for Special and Minor Sentence Types: A Look at Some Cognitive Approaches 12:30-14:00 23.21/HS 3H Karoly Varasdi abstract
15.01.2015 Francisco J. Ruiz-de-Mendoza On the ubiquity of cognitive processes in coding and inferring meaning 12:30-14:00 23.21/HS 3H Liane Ströbel abstract
22.01.2015 Antonio Barcelona Sanchez Characterizing metonymy: Descriptive fields in a metonymy database 12:30-14:00 23.21/HS 3H Liane Ströbel abstract
29.01.2015 Diego Marconi Property realism about artifacts (and institutional objects as well?) 12:30-14:00 23.21/HS 3H Susanna Melkonian abstract
19.2.2015 Verena Henrich & Lars Horber GermaNet-Workshop 12:30- open E. Gabrovska abstract

CRC Colloquium SS 2014
Day Speaker Title Time Place Chair Abstract
10.04.2014 Patrick Caudal French 2nd group verbs as an inflectional & lexical class: an aspectual survey 12:30 – 14:00 22.01/HS 2C Liane Ströbel abstract
17.04.2014 Jaume Mateu Change of state and the co-event conflation pattern: The case of unselected object constructions 12:30 – 14:00 22.01/HS 2C Liane Ströbel abstract
24.04.2014 Tim Fernando Could tense and aspect be finite-state? 12:30 – 14:00 22.01/HS 2C Katina Bontcheva abstract
08.05.2014 Bridget Copley

Causation and (a)telicity in a force-theoretic framework

12:30 – 14:00 22.01/HS 2C Hana Filip abstract
15.05.2014 Thomas Sturm Konfusionen über ‘Kognition’ in der Kognitiven Revolution 12:30 – 14:00 22.01/HS 2C Christoph Kann abstract
22.05.2014 Shannon Spaulding Imagination, Desire, and Rationality 12:30 – 14:00 22.01/HS 2C Daniel Altshuler abstract
28.05.2014 Andrew Koontz-Garboden What kind of meaning can be packaged in a root? Insights from change of state verbs 12:30 – 14:00 22.01/HS 2C abstract
05.06.2014 Reinhard Muskens Frame Semantics and Phrasal Semantics 12:30 – 14:00 22.01/HS 2C Wiebke Petersen abstract
12.06.2014 SFB -Mitgliederversammlung 12:30 – 14:00 22.01/HS 2C
26.06.2014 Benjamin Spector Plural quantification, maximality and compositionality – a modular approach 12:30 – 14:00 22.01/HS 2C Hana Filip abstract
03.07.2014 Matthijs Westera Cancellation, underspecification and experimental pragmatics 12:30 – 14:00 22.01/HS 2C Daniel Altshuler abstract
10.07.2014 Indefrey & Biermann-Ruben PI discussion 12:30 – 14:00 22.01/HS 2C Corinna Kaiser
17.07.2014 Kann & Vosgerau PI discussion 12:30 – 14:00 22.01/HS 2C Corinna Kaiser

CRC Colloquium WS 2013 – 2014
Day Speaker Title Time Place Chair Abstract
24.10.2103 Henk Verkuyl Lexical aspect and natural philosophy: how to untie them 12:30-14:00 Forschungs-zentrum, Hana Filip abstract
28.10.2013 Friederike Moltmann Attitudinal Objects and the Distinction between Actions and Products 12:30-14:00 23.03, 01, Raum 63 Susanna Melkonian abstract
31.10.2013 Wiebke Petersen & Ralf Naumann Towards a frame-based analysis of event structures 12:30-14:00 23.03, 01, Raum 63 abstract
07.11.2013 Björn Rothstein On the posterior future 12:30-14:00 23.03, 01, Raum 63 Daniel Altshuler abstract
14.11.2013 Katrin Sakreida PASSWORD: SIMULATION – Beyond motor functions of the human premotor cortex 12:30-14:00 23.03, 01, Raum 63 Katja Biermann-Ruben abstract
28.11.2013 Lisa Hofmann Determination Reanalyzed as Part of the Noun: The Case of French-Based Creole Languages 12:30-14:00 23.03, 01, Raum 63 Albert Ortmann abstract
05.12.2013 Ashley Atkins Modality as a Window into Cognition 12:30-14:00 23.03, 01, Raum 63 Daniel Altshuler abstract
12.12.2013 Sebastian Löbner & Wiebke Petersen Everything you always wanted to Know about frames but were afraid to ask 12:30-14:00 23.03, 01, Raum 63 Corinna Kaiser
19.12.2013 Gottfried Vosgerau Meaning and Cooperation – Towards a Theory of Meaning without Primary Meaning 12:30-14:00 23.03, 01, Raum 63 abstract
09.01.2014 Roel Willems Embodied language understanding: Insights from cognitive neuroscience 12:30-14:00 23.03, 01, Raum 63 Peter Indefrey abstract
16.01.2014 Leon Stassen Towards a Typology of Manner Encoding 12:30-14:00 23.03, 01, Raum 63 Sebastian Löbner abstract
23.01.2014 Klaus von Heusinger Article systems between referentiality and specificity The case of three indefinite articles in German 12:30-14:00 23.03, 01, Raum 63 Sebastian Löbner abstract
06.02.2014 Bernhard Hommel The Theory of Event Coding: How we do what we want 12:30-14:00 23.03, 01, Raum 63 Gottfried Vosgerau abstract

CRC Colloquium SS 2013
Day Speaker Title Time Place Chair Abstract
18.04.2013 Heike Zinsmeister Corpus annotation and retrievability — Language resources and tools in CLARIN-D 12:30–14:00 22.01 Hörsaal 2C Christian Horn abstract
25.04.2013 Adam Kilgarriff How to evaluate a corpus 12:30–14:00 22.01 Hörsaal 2C Christian Horn abstract
22.05.2013 William Foley Semantic and Syntactic Bootstrapping and the Formation of Grammatical Categories: Arguments from Tolai of New Britain 16:30-18:00 Robert Van Valin abstract
23.05.2013 Alex Tillas Can frames represent types? 12:30–14:00 22.01 Hörsaal 2C Gottfried Vosgerau abstract
05.06.2013 Jeruen E. Dery Coherence-driven temporal expectations in discourse processing 14.30-16:00 25.22.U1.55 Robert Van Valin abstract
13.06.2013 Maribel Romero Mood Selection in Romance Complememt Clauses 12:30–14:00 22.01 Hörsaal 2C Laura Kallmeyer abstract
20.06.2013 Marion Schulte Accounting for the meaning of derivational affixes with semantic maps 12:30–14:00 22.01 Hörsaal 2C Sebastian Löbner abstract
26.06.2013 Johanna Nichols Natural selection in grammar (chiefly morphology) 14.30-16:00 Robert Van Valin abstract
27.06.2013 Veronique Boulenger Embodying language in action: Evidence for functional links between action word processing and the motor system 12:30–14:00

22.01 Hörsaal 2C Katja Biermann-Ruben abstract
04.07.2013 Sabine Schulte im Walde Compositionality of German Noun-Noun Compounds and German Particle Verbs: Experiential Data and Distributional Models 12:30–14:00

22.01 Hörsaal 2C Rainer Osswald abstract
11.07.2013 Mark Textor The Fregean theory of hybrid proper names extended 12:30–14:00

22.01 Hörsaal 2C Ioannis Votsis abstract
18.07.2013 Edit Doron Tba. 12:30–14:00

22.01 Hörsaal 2C Hana Filip abstract
19.09.2013 Byong-Rae Ryu A typology of multiple case marking in Korean 14:15–15:45 22.01 Hörsaal 2A Sebastian Löbner abstract

CRC Colloquium WS 2012 – 2013
Day Speaker Title Time Place Chair Abstract
18.10.2012 Suwon Yoon Embedded Root-Clause Phenomena: V2 in German and ERCP in Korean/Japanese 12:30-14:00 Hana Filip abstract
25.10.2012 Albert Wall Towards an integral approach to Brazilian Portuguese bare nominals 12:30-14:00 Albert Ortmann abstract
08.11.2012 Meeting of SFB members 12:30-14:00 Hörsaal 2C (Roy-Lichtenstein-Saal),

Gebäude 22.01

Sebastian Löbner
14.11.2012 Sergei Tatevosov Syntax of perfectivity: Slavic and beyond 12:30-14:00 Hörsaal 6A, Gebäude 26.11 abstract
15.11.2012 Sergei Tatevosov Measure and endpoint expressions: implications for a theory of aspectual compositio 12:30-14:00 Hörsaal 2C, Gebäude 22.01 abstract
29.11.2012 Sebastian Löbner Frege, Frames, and Functional Concept 12:30-14:00 Hörsaal 2C, Gebäude 22.01 abstract
06.12.2012 Daniel Altshuler Does PRES-Ø entail PAST-Ø? Moment of Change & Cessation 12:30-14:00 Hörsaal 2C, Gebäude 22.01 abstract
13.12.2012 Steffen Heidinger Spontaneity and the causative–anticausative alternation: a corpus-based study of French and Spanish 12:30-14:00 Hörsaal 2C, Gebäude 22.01 abstract
10.01.2013 Robert Rupert Embodiment and the Massively Representational Mind 12:30-14:00 Hörsaal 2C, Gebäude 22.01 Gottfried Vosgerau abstract
17.01.2013 Antje Müller The annotation of spatial preposition senses in German 12:30-14:00 Hörsaal 2C, Gebäude 22.01 Rainer Osswald abstract
24.01.2013 Leon Stassen A Step Towards Macro-Typology: “Black” and “White” Languages 12:30-14:00 Hörsaal 2C, Gebäude 22.01 Sebastian Löbner abstract
31.01.2013 Ljudmila Geist Bare NPs in Russian: Restrictions on Indefiniteness 12:30-14:00 Sebastian Löbner abstract

CRC Colloquium SS 2012
Day Speaker Title Time Place Abstract
05.04.2012 Henk Zeevat Discourse Representation, Mental Representation and Frames 12:30-14:00 Lecture hall 2C Building 22.01 abstract
12.04.2012 Liz Coppock Exclusive Relationships: What the sole man, the mere man, and the only man have in common 12:30-14:00 Lecture hall 2C Building 22.01 abstract
19.04.2012 Workshop Website Workshop Finite-state Methods in Language Resources and Historical-comparative Linguistics 09:00-17:00 Lecture hall 2C Building 22.01 abstract
26.04.2012 Laura Kallmeyer & Rainer Osswald Syntax-Driven Semantic Frame Composition 12:30-14:00 Lecture hall 2C Building 22.01 abstract
03.05.2012 Bernhard Wälchli The Dynamicity of Stative Resultatives 12:30-14:00 Lecture hall 2C Building 22.01 abstract
10.05.2012 Holger Andreas Eine Frame-Theorie der Glaubensrevisionen 12:30-14:00 Lecture hall 2C Building 22.01 abstract
24.05.2012 Henriette de Swart Constructions with and without Articles 12:30-14:00 Lecture hall 2C Building 22.01 abstract
31.05.2012 Patricia Cabredo-Hofherr Weak definite articles with restrictive relative clauses 12:30-14:00 Lecture hall 2C Building 22.01 abstract
14.06.2012 Olga Lovick

Postverbal NPs in Alaskan Athabascan: A micro-typology

12:30-14:00 Lecture hall 2C Building 22.01 abstract
21.06.2012 Valentina Niccolai & Hannah Weissler (B3) and Detmer Wulf (B5) Neural correlates of action words: preliminary results of a magnetoencephalographic study (B3); Frame semantic representations of German legal terms (B5) 12:30-14:00 Lecture hall 2C Building 22.01 abstract
28.06.2012 Rolf Kailuweit

Radikale Rollen und Referenzgrammatik(RRRG)- Umbaumaßnahmen an der Syntax-Semantik-Schnittstelle

12:30-14:00 Lecture hall 2C Building 22.01 abstract
05.07.2012 Beth Levin

Manner and Result: Implications for Argument Realization Across Language

12:30-14:00 Lecture hall 2C Building 22.01 abstract
12.07.2012 Projects B5 & C2 tba 12:30-14:00 Lecture hall 2C Building 22.01 abstract

CRC Colloquium WS 2012 – 2012
Day Speaker Title Time Place Chair Abstract
20.10.2011 Matthias Unterhuber Modeling Indicative and Counterfactual Conditionals by Kripke Type Semantics 10:30–12:00 25.11 HS 5G abstract
27.10.2011 Valentina Niccolai Language in the brain: Towards a New Understanding 10:30–11:15 25.11 HS 5G Katja Biermann-Ruben abstract
10.11.2011 Elisabetta Jezek Acquiring Typed Predicate Argument Structures From Corpora 10:30–12:00 25.11 HS 5G Rainer Osswald abstract
24.11.2011 Susan Rothstein Numbers: Counting, Measuring and Classifying 10:30–12:00 25.11 HS 5G Hana Filip abstract
01.12.2011 Raymond W. Gibbs Jr. Embodied Experience and Metaphorical Meaning 10:30–12:00 abstract
08.12.2011 Kerstin Eckart A Generic Database System: Three Use-Cases from Linguistic Research 10:30–12:00 25.11 HS 5G Rainer Osswald abstract
19.12.2011 Adele Goldberg Items and generalizations: psychological reality, descriptive adequacy, and typological explanation 10:30–12:00 Hana Filip abstract
12.01.2012 Jens Fleischhauer Verbgraduierung an der Syntax-Semantik Schnittstelle 10:30–12:00 25.11 HS 5G abstract
19.01.2012 Corrado Sinigaglia Minding minds: Through the looking glass 10:30–12:00 25.11 HS 5G Gottfried Vosgerau abstract
26.01.2012 Greg Carlson Naming as a model for a general semantics 10:30–12:00 25.11 HS 5G Hana Filip abstract
02.02.2012 Francois Recanati Co-Reference De Jure in the Mental-File Framework 10:30–12:00 25.11 HS 5G Gottfried Vosgerau abstract
09.02.2012 Umut Özge On the “strength” of indefinites: A view from Turkish 10:30–12:00 25.11 HS 5G Wiebke Petersen abstract