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Completed Dissertations

Published Dissertations

Brenner, Dorothea (2016): Why his mother is better than a mother : psycholinguistic investigation of concept types & concept type shifts. Diss. Universität Düsseldorf. urn:nbn:de:hbz:061-20160210-114858-6.

Czardybon, Adrian (2017): Definiteness in a Language without Articles – A Study on Polish. Düsseldorf University Press, Dissertations in Language and Cognition.

Fleischhauer, Jens (2016): Degree Gradation of Verbs. Düsseldorf University Press, Dissertations in Language and Cognition.

Inderelst, Lars (2017): Logoi and Pathêmata: Aristotle and the Modal/amodal Distinction in Modern Theories of Concepts. Bern: Peter Lang.

Kawaletz, Lea (2023): The semantics of English –ment nominalizations. (Empirically Oriented Theoretical Morphology and Syntax 12). Berlin: Language Science Press. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7915801

Klepp, Anne (2015): Neurophysiological investigations on action word processing. Diss. Universität Düsseldorf. urn:nbn:de:hbz:061-20150713-113641-8.

Seuchter, Tim (2020): Action-Related Representations. An Action-Based Approach to Grounded Cognition. Düsseldorf University Press, Dissertations in Language and Cognition.

Van Hooste, Koen (2018): Instruments and Related Concepts at the Syntax-Semantics Interface. Düsseldorf University Press, Dissertations in Language and Cognition.

Weber, Arne (2017): Die körperliche Konstitution von Kognition. Wiesbaden: J.B. Metzler.

Defended Dissertations

Albersmeier, Frauke: The concept of moral progress. Defended in January 2020.

Berio, Leda: Talking about thinking: the relation between language and thought and mentalizing as a case study. Defended on 09.07.2019.

Erbach, Kurt: Object mass nouns: A frame based analysis. Defended on 24.06.2019.

Gabrovska, Ekaterina: A frame-based analysis of agent-oriented manner adverbials in German. Defended on 08.11.2019.

Redmann, Alexandra: Colour in concepts: Accessing conceptual components in language production. Defended on 26.10.2018.

Sachliyan, Syuzan: Nominale Determination im Bulgarischen und Mazedonischen. Defended on 25.06.2018.

Schulzek, Daniel: A Frame Approach to German Word Formation. Defended on 20.07.2016.

Taylor, Samuel: Concepts and the Appeal to Cognitive Science. Defended on 01.07.2019.

Terhalle, Anselm: Metonymy in Frames. Studies on the role of functional relations in contiguity-based semantic shifts of nouns. Defended on 26.01.2018.

Zinova, Julia: Russian Verbal Prefixation: A Frame Semantics Analysis. Defended on 08.02.2017.