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Vasiliki Tsouni

Vasiliki Tsouni

Phone: 0211/81-15594
Email: tsouni@phil.hhu.de



SToRE Membership

SToRE member since 21.06.2016

1. advisor: Ruben van de Vijver
2. advisor: Alexander Ziem
3. advisor: Peter Sutton

PhD Project

The main goal of my dissertation is to propose frames as a format for mental representations of phonological knowledge. Phonological literature distinguishes between measurable scalar (phonetics) and abstract categorical (phonology) properties of speech sounds. Phonological representations are said to capture categorical properties, while phonetic representations are said to capture scalar phenomena. Most phonological theories disregard scalar knowledge and represent sounds as bundles of standard features. However, there is evidence that mental representations of sounds entail far more phonetic detail than has been assumed so far. Frame theory can serve as a unified framework, which captures both kinds of representations as well as knowledge about the relation between them.

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