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Tim Seuchter

Tim Seuchter, MA (Mr)

Phone +49 211 81-15158
Fax +49 211 81-03170 (central fax, please include name of addressee)
Email tim.seuchter@uni-duesseldorf.de



SToRE Membership

SToRE member since 21 Aug 2012

1. advisor: Prof. Dr. Gottfried Vosgerau
2. advisor: Prof. Dr. Dr. Peter Indefrey
3. advisor: Dr. Alex Tillas

PhD Project

Grounded cognition: Causal indexicals and affordances in frames

The main objective of the dissertation thesis is a philosophical analysis of action-related concepts in the light of the hypothesis of grounded cognition. In the aim of contributing to a positive and philosophically adequate account of grounded cognition, action-related concepts such as causal indexicals and affordances will be introduced and discussed. The outcome of both the examination of the hypothesis of grounded cognition and the action-related concepts will be embedded and further refined in a frame theoretic analysis, which is most suitable to decompose concepts in order to clearly define the grounded aspects within concepts. The goal of the dissertation thesis is to show that the concepts in discussion, causal indexicals and affordances, can be sensibly understood as grounded in action and serve as a basis for further, more complex concepts. Such an interpretation of the grounded cognition hypothesis can account for the grounding of more complex concepts and at the same time reveal important insights into cognitive abstraction mechanisms which underlie these more complex concepts.


Seuchter, T., Vosgerau, G. (2011). “Grounding Abstract Concepts: Causal Indexicals and Affordances”. In: Kokinov, B., Karmiloff-Smith, A., Nersessian, N. J. (eds.) European Perspectives on Cognitive Science.New Bulgarian University Press

Seuchter, T. (2011). “A New Approach to the Grounding of Abstract Concepts”. Kriterion Journal for Philosophy, Vol.25, Nr.1, pp.53-63

Conference presentations

GAP.8 2012: “Causal Indexicals in a Mental File Framework”

XXII. Deutscher Kongress für Philosophie 2011: “Kausale Indexikalität”

EUROCOGSCI 2011: “Grounding Abstract Concepts: Causal Indexicals and Affordances”

Salzburg Conference for Young Analytic Philosophy 2010: “Abstract Concepts in Grounded Cognition”

Concept Types and Frames in Language, Cognition, and Science (CTF’12): “Frames and mental files”

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