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Thea Brenner

Thea Brenner, MA (Ms)

Phone +49 211 81-15065
Fax +49 211 81-03170 (central fax, please include name of addressee)
Email thea.brenner@phil.uni-duesseldorf.de


Linguistics (psycholinguistics)

SToRE Membership

SToRE member since 21 Aug 2012

1. advisor: Prof. Dr. Peter Indefrey
2. advisor: Prof. Dr. Sebastian Löbner
3. advisor: Dr. Ian Fitzpatrick

PhD Project

Why his mother is better than a mother

My PhD dissertation builds on the “Theory of Concept Types and Determination” (short CTD). It investigates the cognitive reality of the four concept types and conceptual type shifts resulting from their interaction with determination types. I use psycholinguistic methods to gain empirical evidence for these claims made by the CTD.


Brenner, Dorothea, Peter Indefrey; Horn, Christian & Nicolas Kimm (2014). Evidence for four basic noun types from a corpus-linguistics and a psycholinguistic perspective. In: Gerland, Horn, Latrouite & Ortmann. Meaning and Grammar of Nouns and Verbs. Düsseldorf: University Press.

Brenner, Dorothea & Indefrey, Peter: A Psycholinguistic View on Definites. To appear.

Conference presentations

A Psycholinguistic View on Definites. Semantic and typological perspectives on definites. Workshop HHU Düsseldorf, Germany. June 1, 2012.

Psycholinguistic evidence for concept types and type shifts. Concept Types and Frames in Language, Cognition, and Science. Düsseldorf, Germany. August 23, 2012.

Horn, Christian; Nicolas Kimm; Brenner, Dorothea & Peter Indefrey (2013): Evidence for four basic noun types from a grammatical, pragmatic and psycholinguistic perspective. Conference of the 14th Texas Linguistic Society (TLS 14), University of Austin, Texas, USA.

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