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Patrick Nuhn

SFB 991 / CRC 991

Phone: 0211/81-15663
Email: Patrick.Nuhn@uni-duesseldorf.de



SToRE Membership

SToRE member since 01.07.0216

1. advisor: Robert Van Valin
2. advisor: Laura Kallmeyer
3. advisor: Anja Latrouite

PhD Project

My dissertation, part of project D04: The role of information structure in sentence formation and construal: a frame-based approach, investigates how information structure and morphosyntax interact in Tagalog. I will attempt to contribute to the understanding of marked syntactic constructions that are said to reflect information-structural aspects. To this end, I will use both written and spoken data (elicited during field work in Manila) to investigate how these constructions are used and what information-structural notions they (can) code. Then, building on this, I will attempt to give an account of selected phenomena using frames.

Conference presentations

2018. Reversed ang-Inversion and Narrow Focus in Tagalog. Talk at the 10th International Austronesian and Papuan Languages and Linguistics Conference (APLL10), Guildford, UK, 4–5 May 2018

2017. Towards a better understanding of peripheral voice in Tagalog. Poster presentation at the Cambridge Workshop on Voice, Cambridge, UK, 24–26 May 2017.

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