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Lei Li

Lei Li, MA (Ms)

Phone +49 211 81-11742
Fax +49 211 81-03170 (central fax, please include name of addressee)
Email li@phil.uni-duesseldorf.de



SToRE Membership

SToRE member since 01 Oct 2012

1. advisor: Prof. Dr. Sebastian Löbner
2. advisor: Prof. Dr. Robert van Valin
3. advisor: Dr. Anja Latrouite

PhD Project

Determination and Noun Types in Chinese

The main part of my research is about the noun types in Mandarin Chinese and how these noun types interact with determination such as definitness and possession. This is interesting to find out because there is no definitness marker and even plural is hardly marked in Mandarin Chinese. For further information please see the project description.

Last updated

13 Mar 2013