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Aimee Lawrence

Aimee Lawrence, MA (Ms)

Email aimee.lawrence@utexas.edu, aimeelynnlawrence@gmail.com



SToRE Membership

SToRE member from 01 Jul until 31 Dec 2013

advisor: Prof. Dr. Robert Van Valin

PhD Project

Nomatsigenga Applicatives

My dissertation work focuses on a description of Nomatsigenga (Arawak, Peru), especially its large system of transitivity-manipulating morphemes, including a large inventory of morphological causatives and applicatives. I aim to produce a description of the morphosyntactic, semantic, and discourse-functional characteristics of these alternations, with an aim to developing a coherent analysis of the system as a whole.


Lawrence, Aimee, Tammi Stout, and Anindita Chatterjee. 2012. Proceedings of SALSA XX: Languages and Societies in Contact. UT Austin Linguistics

Lawrence, Aimee. 2012. “Proto-Kampa morphological reconstruction.” In Proceedings of BLS 38.

Lawrence, Aimee. 2013. “Fanfiction: Romance, adventure, and Mock Spanish.” In J. Ryan Sullivant (ed.), Proceedings of SALSA XIX.

Conference presentations

Lawrence, Aimee. 2013, April. “Deliberate language change and standards of evidence.” Paper presented at SALSA XXI, Austin, TX.

Lawrence, Aimee. 2012, November. “Exploiting metalinguistic awareness to maintain linguistic diversity in Amazonia.” Paper presented at HDLS 10, Albuquerque, NM.

Lawrence, Aimee. 2012, March. “Proto-Kampa nominal morphology.” Paper presented at WIGL 10, Madison, WI.

Lawrence, Aimee. 2012, February. “Kampa verbal morphology reconstruction.” Paper presented at BLS 38, Berkeley, CA.

Lawrence, Aimee. 2011, October. “Paradigmas de tiempo, aspecto, y modo en Nomatsigenga.” Paper presented at CILLA 5, Austin, TX.

Prizes and fellowships (5 most important)

SToRE Fellowship: support for study July-December 2013 with SToRE/SFB 991 at Heinrich Heine University, Duesseldorf, Germany. (Sponsored by SToRE/SFB 991)

FLAS Fellowship: support for graduate work and Portuguese language classes, Academic Year 2011-2012. (Sponsored by US Department of Education/UT Latin American Studies)

Carlota Smith Research Fellowship: Support for fieldwork during the summers of 2011 and 2012. (Sponsored by UT Linguistics)

Sherzer Research Grant: Support for fieldwork during summers of 2010, 2011, 2012. (Sponsored by UT LARGA/Linguistics)

Tinker Research Grant: Support for fieldwork during summer of 2010. (Sponsored by UT Latin American Studies)

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